BBQ Packs - April 23rd

BBQ Packs - April 23rd

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Family BBQ Pack:
350g Wagyu Brisket
500g Ancho & Birria Snags
NEW Smoked Chicken Corn Chowder w/ sticky rice
NEW Cowboy Bacon Beans
NEW Queso Elote
Fresh baked Milk Bread
Southern Mustard
Beetroot BBQ sauce
Heaps pickled Veg
$115 feeds 3x

Also avail:
Beef Rib 500g $60
Pork Ribs 500g $35
Lamb Ribs 400g $30
Wagyu Oyster Blade pulled 1kg $70
Fresh Tortillas 10x $15
Pineapple arbol Salsa 500ml $15
Pumpkin Pie $10
Cherry Pie $10


Grab the pack, or just solo items. Up to you.