Birria & BBQ - Sat May 7th

Birria & BBQ - Sat May 7th

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Brisket Birria is on the menu this week folks! ⤵️

In a big BBQ share pack with Brisket, flour torts and loads of salsas. Two banging Sausage flavours, and new side: Carne Guisada, made with leftover smoked Scotch Fillet and beef rib. 👌

Our Birria Tacos are thick like the one in the picture. No dainty ones here, gonna need both hands. 😘

Taco & BBQ Share Pack
300g Wagyu Brisket
2x Birria Tacos
250g Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Sausage
250g Ancho Chedder Sausage
Carne Guisada with sticky rice
4x fresh flour tortillas
Southern Mustard
Fermented Hot Sauce
Pineapple Arbol Salsa
Birria Consomme
Pickled veg etc

Also ⤵️
Pork Ribs 500g $35
Beef Rib 500g $60
Key Lime Pie $10 (
Choc Pudding Pie $10
Whole Briskets 3.5kg - DM me

Tickets on sale Tuesday (tomorrow) 7pm on insta stories and our website.

This event is Saturday May 7th from our food truck in Bassendean. 4pm to 7pm collection.

Due to staff shortages we will have very limited packs this week. ✌️